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Retired high school teacher and coach in middle Tennessee. I like to write, make music, teach, do woodworking, sing, build plastic scale models, take photographs, use Photoshop, and a whole bunch of other things.

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Upgrade your microphone locker at low cost by modifying a low-cost microphone. Here’s the article.


Read about how I assembled components from several sources and ended up with a Strat partscaster.

Here’s a story about making a Tele partscaster.

Need to stock up on parts? Here’s a story about buying guitar parts from China.

I created a transistor reference sheet so I wouldn’t have to look up pinouts every time I used a transistor in a circuit.

Reversing the controls on a Telecaster-style guitar.

Build a bi-polar power supply!

Shape a guitar neck with hand tools!


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Welcome to Stringed Things, my fearless blog of my music-related DIY projects plus who knows what else!

I’m a retired journalist and high school teacher  who has been messing around with guitars for more than 40 years. While I’m not a tinkerer in the league of a Leo Fender, I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

This blog is an attempt to share with you some of the fun I’ve had with it. Unfortunately, doing something for a long time does not necessarily make one good at it. But it doesn’t stop me from having fun with it! And  unless you are one of the few who can make a living doing it, you’d better have some fun with it!

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