A Rocket Scientist Makes Guitars

Recently, I visited Tangled String Studios in Lowe’s Mille in Huntsville, Alabama. Tangled String includes a recording studio, performing venue and the home of Danny Davis’ guitar-making shop.
Davis was very gracious to my wife, Cheryl, and me. He gave us a one-hour tour of his shop. He explained in detail how he makes guitars and demonstrated several finished guitars.
Davis worked for NASA for 30 years. His guitar-making business is a second career for him. He uses his expertise in vibrations and frequencies to tune the top and back of a guitar. He built many of the jigs in his shop over his past 20 years of guitar making.
He is a guitar player himself. He started building guitars because he wanted a really nice guitar, but couldn’t afford it. Eventually, people started offering him money for the guitars he was building. His second career was born.
A Davis-made guitar is in the possession of Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes. Davis’ guitars looked and sounded fantastic. If you’ve got from $2,500 to $3,500 to drop on a guitar, check him out.
Here’s a link to his web page:


Here’s a link to an audio interview with Davis:

Davis is a very cool guy. If you’re in the Huntsville area, stop by. Be sure to call ahead to ensure that he will be there. You’ll be blown away by his guitars and his hospitality.
Oh, and be sure to buy a t-shirt. They are way cool!

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