Index of articles and links

This part of the site will tell you the topics of the stories and give you a link to a PDF file of the article. You are welcome to download the PDF file and use it for personal,not-for-profit activities. I accept no liability for any injury or damage connected to reading these articles.

Upgrade your microphone locker at low cost by modifying a low-cost microphone. Here’s the article.


Read about how I assembled components from several sources and ended up with a Strat partscaster.

Here’s a story about making a Tele partscaster.

Need to stock up on parts? Here’s a story about buying guitar parts from China.

I created a transistor reference sheet so I wouldn’t have to look up pinouts every time I used a transistor in a circuit.

Reversing the controls on a Telecaster-style guitar.

Build a bi-polar power supply!

Shape a guitar neck with hand tools!


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