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Welcome to Stringed Things, my fearless blog of my music-related DIY projects plus who knows what else!

I’m a middle-aged high school teacher and coach who has been messing around with guitars for more than 40 years. While I’m not a tinkerer in the league of a Leo Fender, I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

This blog is an attempt to share with you some of the fun I’ve had with it. Unfortunately, doing something for a long time does not necessarily make one good at it. But it doesn’t stop me from having fun with it! And  unless you are one of the few who can make a living doing it, you’d better have some fun with it!

This is not the best-organized blog site that you’ll ever see. Some day I’ll learn more about WordPress and make this site easier to navigate. But for now, this site contains the following items in the blog section.

  • Putting a P-90 pickup in a partscaster Tele
  • Building a bi-polar power supply
  • Resurrecting my old phase shifter (part 1)
  • The DIY time warp
  • Getting bi-polar power
  • Setting up an electronic breadboard
  • Back to the world of DIY stompboxes
  • The Tea Philter Do-it-yourself project
  • Switching the control plate on a Tele-style guitar
  • What happens when a rocket scientist makes guitars (also on its own page on this site)
  • Guitar parts from China
  • Replacing a tremolo
  • Neck shaping
  • The Tele partscaster project
  • Building a bass (unfinished)
  • Discovering chisels
  • Better lucky than good (getting lucky on a guitar project)
  • The beast rears its ugly head (the desire to build an acoustic guitar)

Happy reading and tinkering!

– Tim Wood


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